Sports Photos

Standard Package Starts at $35.00

$5 of the $35 will be donated to your child’s team.

Standard Package Includes:  2 Different Poses, 2x 8×10 Prints, 4x 2×3 (Wallet size) & 1x 8×10 print of the Team Photo.

Extra Prints & Enlargements:

4×6         $2.00 each

5×7         $5.00 each

8×10       $10.00 each

16×20    $30.00 each (Enlargement)

24×36    $45.00 each (Enlargement)

Please Note: More printing options are available(i.e Canvas prints, Framed photos and more). Any enlargement order will include social media ready digital photos sent to you by email.


Please select 2 photos of your child (Just let me know the last 4 digit of the file name).  Do not mind the colour, contrast, brightness etc of the photo because I will still adjust them accordingly.